Vladimir Ivanovich Mironenko I, Mironenko Vladimir Ivanovich, was born at 9.02.1942 in the village Bych (now Octjabrjovo), Gomel region. My father, Mironenko Ivan Grigorjevich, do not return from the second world war. So my home was the house of my grandpa Fiedosenko Kuzma Sergejevich, where I live together with my mother Aleksandra Kuzminichna, and my grandma and grandpa. My grandma Akulina Kilianovna was very intelligent woman though illiterate she was.

It was very hard and contradictory time after war. Everybody in the village and children also have to do something for a living. In 1949 I go to the school in our village. There was no electrical light in the village until 1958 but in the school they made little windelectricallsbation. So everyone of pupils can see the progress in action. The school had electrical light and the small physical laboratory.

I finished the school in 1959 with the silver medal. Those days to get out any village there were two possibilities: go to the far north or to continue study. I choose latter and go to Mogilev pedagogical institute, which I finished in 1964 and received the diploma of a teacher in mathematic and physics. After that I made successfully entrance examinations to the post-graduate courses at the Belorussian State University in Minsk. But in 1964 after the exams they took me to the army.

After the army I continued my post-graduate studding. My supervision at that time was very educated intellectual Bogdanov Yury Stanislavovich. He dealt with Lyapunov numbers. In 1970 I get the diploma of candidate of science in the field of differential equations and was working at the Belorussian State University. In my candidate dissertation I introduced and investigated so called imbeddible systems.

In 1975 in order to solve my family housing problems I go to Gomel. And from this time I am working in the Gomel State University as a head of sub faculty.

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